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Инжиниринг и строительство

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Construction and engineering industry is very competitive and extremely dynamic market where enormous projects are managed, usually there are contracts with fixed prices. This requires more flexibility and quick decisions which could answer the fast-changing requirements of the business environment.

Also, the construction and engineering companies must manage big and very complex projects. And every task from these projects can be described by five critical elements: time, costs & budgets, materials, resources and results.

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Focus on how to reduce poor labor productivity through better planning and work processes.

Reinvestment into improving efficiencies with technology.

The complexity of projects is increasing and demand for contractor efficiency and on-time, on-budget progress intensifies.

Для каких компаний?

Construction companies

Engineering companies


Reduce total cost of ownership by consolidating all critical project related business processes in a single integrated application

Optimize manpower & equipment utilization through advanced WBS project planning

Facilitate project team member collaboration

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