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Printing Industry

From estimating to invoicing and financial reports

One of the most important requirements for the printing companies is the ability to balance very well between the necessity to produce fast quality products, to use expensive environmental-friendly materials and yet to succeed to be profitable.

DynamicsPrint is a complete ERP solution with rich functionality, which is enough for management of all activities in the printing companies. It is designed to meet all the specific needs and administrative requirements that are typical for the industry from the pre-calculation to invoicing and financial reports.
The solution is developed by MPS Graphics and is based on the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics FO /former AX/. It stands out with high reliability, fast operation and easy, user-friendly interface.

It is good to have one trusted partner that can manage the systems and technologies that you need.
FTS provides intelligent software solutions to digitally support all aspects of process manufacturing businesses

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Key challenges

Engage in formal strategic planning by goal setting with measurable metrics to stay ahead of the competition

The printing industry is very competitive, which puts pressure on product pricing and can result in low bottom-line profit margins

It is critical that businesses in this industry operate as efficiently as possible

The printing industry is evolving rapidly, technology is changing and this industry is challenged with effectively managing capital equipment.


The calculation module provides a very flexible tool to give the printing companies precise and detailed information about the job.

If the circulation or the number of pages is changed, all the processes will be recalculated, and new prices will be displayed.

The materials from the customer are described in detail, so it can be easily followed what you must return to the customer afterwards.

You can define prices when working with third -party companies in the work process.

The advanced planning module provides a complete overview of all jobs in progress. The plan can be rearranged in the Gantt-chart with "drag and drop". The job will be completely recalculated if the job description is changed.

DynamicsPrint (еGraph) fully supports the JDF standards and is certified by the CIP4 organization.

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