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Law Companies

Track every customer interaction and monitor your team performance

Selecting a new business application is a major decision for any law firm. To secure optimal support of company processes, it is crucial that your solution is tailored to your way of doing business.
FTS Agency solution is designated for law firms and will support your efforts towards:
• Efficient client management
• Detailed case management
• Resource planning
• Time and expense registration
• Accurate finance and accounting
• Reporting and Business Intelligence

Our long-term experience with law companies has given us in-depth knowledge of the legal services sector and enabled us to give you expert advice on how to manage and improve your business processes.

It is good to have one trusted partner that can manage the systems and technologies that you need.
FTS provides intelligent software solutions to digitally support all aspects of process manufacturing businesses.

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Key challenges

One of the biggest challenges faced by law firms, whether big or small, is technology. Technological change can undoubtedly positively impact a firm.

The ever-increasing threat of cybersecurity, which law firms must be particularly sensitive to, given the nature of their work.

Clients are becoming increasingly sophisticated procurers of legal services, expecting more flexible, accessible methods of service delivery, available “on-demand”.

Single platform integration of the many solutions used in the company.

Who is this for?

Legal practices and law firms

Legal departments


FTS Legal Solution also offers a legal document management system that provides a secure, easy to use and affordable solution for organizing, managing and tracking the important documents, information and processes typical in a legal practice or law firm.

Organize and index documents by client, case, or any other property or criteria

Search and retrieve documents instantly by typing in a tag or keyword or two, or by searching on any word in the document using “full-text” search

Automate review and approval processes for contracts and other legal documents

Efficiently manage and track emails and scanned paper documents

Provide remote access to firm members outside the office, or clients

Easy setup of different levels of access to the system.

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