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Telecom and utility

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As every public company, the organizations in the telecom / utility sector are always under pressure “to do more with lower costs”. It is very important to support positive intentions in the society, so the decisions must be fast, precise and based on real-time data.

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Key challenges

About the telecom/ utility companies, the lack of regulations leads to more severe competition, as well as to better profitability.

But the increased customer expectations require more efforts for attracting their attention and their future retention.

The shareholders in the telecom / utility company, customer service and the expectations of the customers are important - so these companies need reliable business applications solution to meet all the requirements.

Who is this for?

Electricity distribution companies

Telecommunication companies

Companies engaged in production and transmission of heat

Water supplying companies


Responsible customer service

Automated and accurate invoicing process

Continuous receiving of the payments by different channels

Thorough, correct and up-to-date information for the company management, shareholders and regulating authorities.

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