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Success Story

Discordia selected NaviТrans for effective management and maximum control


At the end of 2006 transport company Discordia starts searching for ERP system, which could be able to answer its specific requirements.  After a thorough analysis of the ERP solutions for transport companies on the Bulgarian Market, the management team of Discordia selects Microsoft Dynamics NAV with the vertical solution for transport companies NaviTrans. The main reasons that lead to the selection of the solution NaviTrans are the rich functionality which answered the requirements of Discordia, as well as the numerous customers in the transport industry using NaviTrans in several European countries.

Key metrics



The problem

The fast growing  business activities of Discordia require optimization of its business processes.  It is necessary that the management has permanent and strict control over the company’s operations so the offered transport services have upper quality. The basic purpose is effective management of the financial operations as well as improved customer service.

The Solution

The vertical solution NaviTrans is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and offers rich functionality  regarding   Automobile transport, Railway transport,  Transport with own vehicles, Container and air transport, Customs clearance , and Warehousing .

The Benefits

  • More successful inquiries
  • Improved customer relationships
  • Effective fleet management
  • Improved staff management
  • Coordination along the teams and departments
  • Up-to-date operational and management reports

The implementation of NaviTrans solution started in February 2007. The process was divided in several phases – until June 2009 was finished the implementation of the two major modules – Railway and Automobile Forwarding. The functionality for the Financial and Accounting department was implemented along with these modules.  At the end of August 2009 Department ‘Transport with own vehicles” started working with the system as well.

All the business activities of Discordia are modeled and executed with NaviTrans – from the initial customer data registration to every following relation with customers. The forwarding departments enter important data for the transport companies as transport addresses and vehicles, as well as current available vehicles and capacity. Entering the incoming transport inquiries in NaviTrans by sales representatives is made very quick and convenient.

There are several alarms that indicate new incoming inquiries to the relevant forwarding agents.  They also can suggest offers regarding the freights and the team leaders can prepare a quote for their customers. After signing a deal with a customer, the whole process from initial preparation of the freight to the financial conclusion of the deal is being followed and reported through NaviTrans.

NaviTrans has a module called “Own fleet management”, which includes registration and servicing of the automobiles, system for monitoring of permits, insurances, regular technical inspections, planned and unplanned repairs etc. In the system are described and monitored the routes with load and unload addresses. Also a plan-schedule for the drivers and the vehicles is supported by NaviTrans and planned and real costs for fuel, taxes, ferries etc. are registered.

One of the most important results after the team of FTS implemented Navitrans in Discordia is the positive impact on the control executed by the management of the company. The system allows a continuous and up-to- date view over the work  of all departments, it also supports convenient means for data reporting and analysis.

Additionally, FTS Bulgaria has developed a module servicing the lease contracts for the vehicles in Discordia, so all the due payment to be accurately monitored and managed before the relevant terms.


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About Discordia

Discordia is one of the largest transport companies in Bulgaria. It also has offices operating in Romania and Ukraine. The company offers to its customers Automobile transport, Railway transport,  Transport with own vehicles, Container and air transport, Customs clearance , Warehousing.


Some of the most importnat results of the implementation of the vertical ERP solution NaviTrans are the bigger number of successful requests, more effective fleet management and the full coordination by teams and departments.

Hristo Hristov, CEO

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