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Advanced Analytics Proof of concept

In the new world of big data and advanced analytics, executives realize they need better data-driven analytical tools, yet often are risk-averse when they compare the daunting investment they often are faced with. Thus, by conducting a Proof of Concept (POC), a modest investment is made, turnaround project timing is ultra-fast, and executives can see the proof before committing substantial investment in moving forward.

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Our Advanced Analytics experts will implement a Proof of Concept (POC) that leverages your data and transforms it into a rich and compelling dashboard report that provides actionable insights

What FTS Advanced Analytics experts strive for – every POC is to extract the maximum value out of your data. The client contributes a small amount of labor in project management and coordination and a minimal amount of technical labor in extracting whatever current data is being used.

A Proof of Concept does not have the ambition to build a full solution immediately, but via it we will deliver a working prototype through which we can measure the impact of recommendations and get familiar with the technology and concepts. This enables the customer to make a qualified decision on the future potential of Advanced Analytics and the meaning it can have across the organization.

FTS’s POC typically results with a working Microsoft Power BI report or dashboard prototype tailored to your needs using connecting your data. This deliverable is usually presented to the client’s key stakeholders or management team. In this meeting we will focus on presenting the solution and engage in a robust Q&A session to ensure that we have answered all questions. This presentation will include recommendations for next steps and a roadmap to production including an estimate on costs and timeline.


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