ECG manages portfolio of large engineering projects with Microsoft Dynamics AX - FTS
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ECG manages portfolio of large engineering projects with Microsoft Dynamics AX


Among the main activities of Enterprise Communications Group are developing, supplying, installation, integration and maintenance of different projects for telecommunication and IT solutions, which are suitable for small, medium and large companies as well as government institutions.

In 2011 Siemens Enterprise Communications – global supplier of solutions for corporate communications offered global program for changing the current business models in more than 20 countries around the world. As part of this initiative, Siemens Enterprise Communications in Bulgaria became an independent entity with a new name – Enterprise Communications Group. The company is the one and only accredited Premium Distribution Partner – the –highest level of partnership and recognition for distribution of the whole variety of products and services of Siemens Enterprise Communications, both for Bulgaria and Macedonia.

Key metrics



The challenge

The aim is more effective management and strict control over the portfolio of different large projects.

The solution

The solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP with the following modules – financial management, purchases, sales, projects, etc.

The benefits

  • Strict control and reporting of the projects and of the internal company expenses
  • Integrated business processes between the different departments of the organization
  • Better operation management, planning and analysis

With all these organizational changes in the company a necessity of an integrated system came up. The system was planned to help the company  manage, control and analyze its business activities. The solution had to be a flexible system, which could be quickly and easily implemented, and to offer the opportunity to add another modules and functionalities in the future. After a thorough analysis of the offered solutions Enterprise Communications Group (ECG) selected Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP and the company-integrator FTS Bulgaria.

The focus during the implementation was on Projects module, where all the different activities of the company are included– building of new networks, service maintenance according to the different contracts and service agreements. In this module all the direct sales of materials are included so that the trade and business processes in the company would be unified.

Another important business process that is included in the system is the management of the intercompany expenses. Together with the system integration is conducted an internal reengineering of this process. The purchasing of materials and services for the company is centralized, and each cost is preliminary approved on several levels.

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP in Enterprise Communications Group has shown positive effect on the whole business performance of the company and has improved the organization and communication between the different departments.



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About Enterprise Communications Group

Enterprise Communications Group is  a leading  supplier of corporate telecommunications products and solutions– multimedia voice and video- solutions; solutions for unified communications, call center solutions, cloud solutions, engineering of FTTx cabel networks, consulting services, integrated solutions., etc.

During the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX, FTS has proved its expertise and professionalism.

Georgi Georgiev, Genaral Manager

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